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BlackByte is proud to be the authorized reseller of the ESSENCE Technology Suite enabling America's Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Owner/Operators to leverage the most current and effective cybersecurity technology to detect, identify, and mitigate emergent cyber threats to U.S. Critical Electric Infrastructure.

ESSENCE is a highly integrated set of cybersecurity tools that monitors your Operational Technology (OT) network for cyber threats and instantly provides key indicators for your cyber experts to identify and defend against emerging threats using designed algorithms that continuously analyzes power grids for anything out of the ordinary. When unusual behaviors are detected, the technology provides real-time indicators and detailed visualizations which allows for informed decision making to counter the threat.

GridState Core Platform

Item #: GS20-V1-000

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection and Awareness Platform

GridState Substation Distributed Collector

Item #: GS20-SUB-V1-000

GridState Core Platform

$ 0.00